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West Coast Wedding in Scotland / Balinakill Country House / UK Wedding Photographer

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

There's something extra wonderful that happens when two people are from different parts of the world, and they bring together their friends and families to a single location and have a celebration of their love and commitment

Nina's family travelled over from Australia, Campbell's family from various parts of Scotland, and many friends and relatives from many other parts of the globe, Canada, France and so on. I love that Nina and Campbell found me and chose me to document this important moment in time for them, and it was a privilege and an adventure to travel to this part of the world to make sure these wonderful memories were captured for them

Balinakill was the most perfect setting for this adventurous and down to earth couple to celebrate their marriage. They were able to have a whole host of guests staying with them for a number of days which allowed the families to bond and built the excitement for the big day. The wedding took place at the end of August and although we had our fair share of downpours, the sun didn't stay away all day, warming everyone up every so often

The outside bar, oysters and beautiful grounds were an obvious highlight for Nina and Campbell's guests and everyone chatted and laughed away for the duration

Everyone crossed there fingers and toes that the rain would hold off in time for the outdoor ceremony, and in the end they just decided to go for it... they headed to the gardens following a spritely bagpiper and a friend performed a hand fasting ceremony which was really beautiful

Nina looked just stunning in her Made With Love dress and Campbell had his suit made for him in Istanbul by the fabulous Civan

During the drinks reception, me, Nina and Campbell made a dash to a nearby beach to get some shots of just the two of them, which was a perfect setting for these two as they climbed on rocks and Nina ran barefoot across the cold sand, both of them dodging the tide, it was really unforgettable. I wish this amazing couple so much joy and adventure for their future together and I hope you enjoy this section of images from their wedding day...


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