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15 Super Simple Tips To Supercharge Your Wedding Ceremony

Updated: Oct 31, 2022


My Top 15 Tips For Making Your Wedding Ceremony Even Better!

Hi friends, frenemies, fauna and flora, I am writing this article for you, all you newly engaged couples out there, planning your weddings, I am here to give you some insider tips to make sure you have a really memorable, magical and momentous wedding ceremony that makes you swoon when you look back at your wedding photos...

I have photographed and attended many ceremonies in my time, so I have experienced so many different types of weddings, all unique (that's very diplomatic isn't it?!) in their own way

So I have a pretty good idea of what works really well and possibly, some things you might want to take extra consideration over!

I suggest having a scroll through this list and making a note of the tips that really speak to you, that you feel will make a big difference to your day, it may sound like a cliche, but every couple is so different , so the bottom line is... do what feels right for you!

1 . Unplugged Ceremony

I know, we all love to document and get our own photos of our loved ones, especially when they are getting married

But wouldn't you rather see your friends and families faces looking back at you whilst you're stood at that alter, and wouldn't you rather they were in the moment with you, and not viewing the whole thing through a screen

I'm all for a couple of pics, but when guests decide on a whim to stick their head/phone/ipad into the aisle whilst your walking down, they can block the photographer's shot

Plus I love to include guests in ceremony photos, I want to see their faces and capture that emotion!

So to avoid your wedding looking like it's sponsored by apple, why not opt for an unplugged ceremony?! There are some lovely looking signs you can have as guests make their entrance or you could also ask the registrar/ vicar / celebrant to make the request at the beginning, easy!

2. Make it personal

It makes me sooooo happy when couples throw out the rule book and add their own personal touches to their ceremonies. It doesn't have to be anything wild, just something that means a lot to you, and if it doesn't go perfectly, that makes it even more bloody beautiful in my eyes!

Above : Nina and Campbell had a bagpiper for their recessional / Abbie and Ashley had their 3 nieces in green tutus lead the bridal party down the aisle followed quickly by their Schnauzer Ted, I would have been disappointed if this had gone smoothly! / Sarah and Al had their close friend sing at their humanist ceremony, they also had a saxophonist play them out for their recessional, so good!

3. Good light

bride-and-groom-ceremony-at -the-west-mill

Every photographers dream is to walk into a ceremony space with gorgeous light

Claire and Will had their wedding at The West Mill, just look at those big windows all the way around!

Ideally you want natural light on you guys (the couple)... so windows that throw some light onto the faces is an ideal scenario, just something to keep an eye out for when you are looking at venues, or you have options within your venue ; )

4. Have You Got A Relaxed Celebrant?


Now, this is a tricky one. And probably more of a sticking point if you are getting married in a church.

It seems at some point in recent history, a hoard of wedding photographers have given the wedding photographers of today a bad name, I have never met one of these naughty photographers, but some vicars can be quite strict about where photographers can stand and indeed what they are allowed to photograph

When you photograph a ceremony with a relaxed celebrant, you have a lot more freedom to get the best spot / angle etc which is what every photographer would love

I always ask my couple to speak to the person leading the service beforehand to see if there are any restrictions, and then I will have a little chat with them again when I arrive to assure them I am one of the respectful and discreet photographers : )

5. Watch your partner walk down the aisle

Everyone is anxious, excited, nerves are flying around everywhere... They want to see your face, you want to see their face, it's no good waiting until they get to the top of the aisle, as this is when you are going to have to look at the person leading the ceremony

Give yourselves a few extra seconds to put each other at ease, take each other in, and give each other a big hug/ kiss/ high five when you get there!

6. Reserve Seats

This is probably the most obvious one, but just incase... reserve seats for the people you want at the front : )

7. The Bridesmaid Aisle Walk

Don't rush it, walk slower than you think

Enjoy it, you may find it a little nerve racking, but try to enjoy it, keep your head up, smile, do your thing : )

Don't hold bouquets too high, we want to see your beautiful faces

Leave as much space as you can between bridesmaids, if your'e too close together, your photographer will struggle to get photos of each bridesmaid, bridesman, flower girl, page boy, dog, you get the picture.

And of course, have a little pause before the bride/ groom comes down the aisle

8. Don’t be afraid to speak / laugh / throw your hands in the air!

I have been to some weddings where the couple are so well behaved, and think they have to stand like statues, and do everything 'right'

I say, do what you feel like doing, this is YOUR ceremony

Make jokes, if that is your vibe, laugh out load, fist bump the brides dad, wrap your arms around your betrothed, be in the moment and don't be afraid to be yourself!

9. First kiss


Have a proper first kiss, you've just married the love of your life, wrap your arms around them and celebrate! I'm not talking a full on make out sesh in front of the family, but a quick peck is a bit rubbish

10. Write your own vows

Now this isn't for everyone, but if you can pull this out the locker... it's a winner

It creates these moments and memories that encapsulate everything incredible about weddings... they are unique to you, they will add another personal touch to your ceremony, they bring out all the emotions, and it will really bring you into the moment as you listen to the words your partner is speaking to you, tick tick tick tick!

11. Choose the right music


The music you choose will really set the tone for how you want to feel as you walk up the aisle or as you leave your ceremony hand in hand

Think about how you want to feel at that moment, calm, emotional, joyful, energetic?

Choose music you love and get that volume cranked : )

12. Greet your partner, hug your dad - Do what you feel like doing, there are no rules

(You may have noticed a running theme by now...)

If you want to give your partner a great big hug when you meet at the alter, do it! Even if you're in a church, you've had the rehearsal and it all appears quite regimented, don't let that put you off adding your own moments in there, the vicar won't be annoyed, promise!

13. Be close to your partner, be affectionate, feel your feelings

I mean, how many more ways can I say it...

Hold their hand, really look at each other, be in that moment

You're probably both pretty nervous, why not give your partner a reassuring squeeze, put your arm around them, stroke their arm, whatever you feel like doing, show that emotion and your personality! It's beautiful

14. Time for hugging


Are your family and friends huggers?

You don't have to have a formal receiving line to get those lovely hugs in, but if there is some time for your guests to congratulate you after you've tied the knot, this time is magical and makes for great photos too, I love it!

Ps. I don't mean schedule in time for hugging by the way, but by having a more relaxed schedule and allowing these moments to happen naturally, is definitely a good thing

15. Get ready in plenty of time

Another time during the day that I love, is that time just before the ceremony

Rather than arriving in a rush, after a last minute panic getting ready, knowing everyone is waiting inside, wouldn't it be so much more enjoyable if you rocked up with time to spare, cool as a cucumber, and had a little bit of time to soak it all in and hang with your besties before walking down the aisle

There will probably still be butterflies, and that is wonderful, but avoiding too much stress will allow you to really enjoy every moment : )

Optional Extras

An Outdoor Ceremony

If this is an option for you guys, do it, do it, do it!

I honestly can't put my finger on what makes outdoor ceremonies so flipping awesome, but I just love them

They are always really memorable, there's always a really lovely vibe when everyone joins together in the great outdoors, surrounded by nature!

From a photographers point of view, you get all the natural light you will ever need, there is more space to move around and get great shots

It just seems to be more relaxed, whether your guests are standing, sat on chairs or hay bales, there is an amazing atmosphere that comes with gathering together with less restrictions

Offer drinks before the ceremony


This may not be possible for some venues, but if you can offer your guests a little refreshment whilst they are waiting to be seated, this goes down extremely well! And if they can take their drink to the ceremony too, they are going to love you even more : )

And that's your lot! Thanks so much for reading : ) and I hope you found a few things you might want to incorporate into your own ceremony

If you would like to have a chat about your upcoming wedding, or you would like to know if I am available to photograph your day...

Head over here and let's chat : )

Faye xx

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