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Simple & Authentic Photography

for newborns and babies

newborn lips detail photography
Newborn baby photography detail of legs
newborn baby holding mums finger photography

Remember how it felt


Simple, natural and relaxed newborn and baby photography in the comfort of your home

"We loved every photo Faye took, her style is so natural and captures moments perfectly"

Renée & Arthur

mum holding newborn warwickshire photographer

bit of a blur

Those first few weeks are incredible but we all know they go by pretty quickly, you have fallen madly in love, you're brimming with a mix of emotions, adrenalin, sleep deprivation and you can't remember the last time you drank a whole cup of tea.


It's a good idea to pre book your newbie shoot before the big arrival... and once they arrive we can confirm your date : )

black and white photo of newborn with family at home

 I promise ...            

  • No crazy poses. I keep things as natural and simple as possible

  • Plenty of time for milk breaks

  • Baby Led. If you're baby needs a hug, is hungry, wants to play... they're the priority. I love documenting these in between moments just as much as the details and simple portrait photos

  • If you have windows, we can make beautiful photos

  • To make you feel comfortable. Having a baby isn't exactly a walk in the park... I want you to feel happy and relaxed for your newborn photoshoot, so you look back on your photos with a feeling of joy and happiness

"Faye takes beautifully real photographs, capturing actual moods and memories

rather than awkward forced photos"

Erin & Rafferty

Faye Green Photo

Hey. I'm Faye

I am mostly found documenting lovely families who have a passion for simple and pared back photography of their crew

A beautifully simple vest and baby rolls will make me swoon way more than a teeny newborn dressed as a princess sat in a fruit bowl

Happiness for me is... exploring & being outdoors,

quality time with family and friends and salted caramel fudge

Natural newborn photographer

Warwickshire, Oxfordshire & Beyond

documentary newborn photography warwickshire
close up of newborn daughter with dad

"Faye made everyone feel so comfortable and the photos were amazing"


To them you are everything

There is nothing quite like documenting a family when they have just welcomed a new member to their club

The love, connection and emotion is proper magical


the glorious everyday

Perhaps 'in the moment' photographs of you with your little ones don't happen that often, or maybe you want a few photos with everyone in the frame that isn't a selfie? 

Whatever your reason for planning a photoshoot, not only will you be investing in beautiful and meaningful photographs of your family, you will also have a relaxed and enjoyable experience, I promise! 

Click here and head to the next stage of your journey to find a newborn photographer who gets you!

(next stage : check availability & get prices)


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