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Natural Documentary Family Photoshoot /Birmingham

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

I always get a pang of excitement when I arrive at a newborn lifestyle session. There is always a wonderful atmosphere at the family's home. Whether that is soft and calm or crazy and chaotic, it is always joyful with an overwhelming sense of love and connection between all the family members. My excitement is followed immediately by feeling broody as I meet the brand new teeny tiny human and see the looks on the faces of the people around, and how utterly in love and in awe they are. When I met little Theo, he was the epitome of cool. He was so chilled out and happy, his big bro, Henry adored him and he wore the best outfits. My broodiness was flying high

simple newborn photography on blue rug

We kicked off with a lovely cup of tea and I got to know 2 year old Henry a little better. He showed me around his beautifully renovated home, but most importantly, he introduced me to his toys, his Mum and Dad and last but not least, his brand new little bro

We took our time during the shoot, making sure it was super chilled and lots of time for snacks and milk breaks. I love photographing these little moments in between, which are part of the everyday. There was plenty of time to explore a few different rooms in the house, from Theo's room, to the kitchen, the stairway, the lounge and the master bedroom

My absolute favourite moment was when Henry joined Theo in his cot, and very gently and lovingly read his small sibling a story. When Theo begin to get a little restless, Henry softly placed his hand on Theo's chest which immediately soothed him

mum and toddler in home

mum and toddler kiss in kitchen

family photography in kitchen

documentary family photography bedroom

toddler and newborn baby on bed

toddler documentary photography

family lifestyle photoshoot Birmingham

newborn photography close up

mum and newborn documentary photographs

mum and newborn by window

lifestyle photography toddler on wash basket

dad and toddler play with trucks

relaxed lifestyle photography at home

mum tickling little boy

at home family photography warwickshire

reading a story family photography

newborn bedroom lifestyle photoshoot

cuddle with dad and son

natural newborn photographer

black and white newborn and dad photo

natural and simple newborn photography

documentary newborn photograph in home

simple photography of newborn and family

detail shot of toddlers feet on wood floor

cuddles with brother family photography

relaxed and natural family photograph on sofa

A massive thank you to this wonderful family who chose me to document these incredibly precious moments. You totally and utterly ROCK!

Faye is a Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

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