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How To Get Relaxed & Natural Photos From your Family Photoshoot / My 8 Top Tips

Updated: Apr 20, 2021


This is for anyone who would love relaxed 'in the moment' photographs with their family

relaxed family photography outdoors girl thinking

Are you worried you might feel awkward and be made to pose?

Or maybe you've just always felt a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera?

Fear not young grasshopper, my 8 ridiculously easy tips will help you actually enjoy having your photo taken, so you have a collection of photographs that you truly love...

candid photography of father and daughter at home

1. Wear something you feel comfortable in


The key here is, you want to feel like you, on a really good day. So wear something you love, that you feel great in, but also that you feel comfortable in

If you are wearing something that doesn't fit that well, or something that you have to keep adjusting, you will never completely relax

If you feel happy with what you are wearing this will really show in the images. You got this!

outdoor family photoshoot burton dasset hills

2. Embrace the awkward


This is actually easier than it sounds... because you only have to do this once, right at the beginning of the shoot, I hate to break it to you, but you are probably going to feel a little bit awkward. But wait....

...there is honestly no need to worry. It is completely normal, and I promise, after the first few photos you are going to feel so much better, you are only human

So let's just embrace that, for the first five minutes you won't be channeling Kate Moss, because let's face it, that would be pretty weird if you did!

documentary newborn photoshoot warwickshire

3. Be in the Moment


One of my favourite things about photographing families is capturing the real life moments

When you spend everyday with your family, you might not see how beautiful that connection between you is until you see it in a photograph or someone points it out to you

The best advise I can give, is be in that moment, with your kids, with your family... So I can document those amazing in between moments, and your incredible bond

Hug, laugh, play... forget that I'm there, even if just for a moment.

beautiful at home family photography warwickshire

4. You don't need to put on a show


Every family is completely unique, I photograph so many different characters and personalities. By just being yourselves, you are going to have beautifully unique images as there is no other family like you

We don't need to create crazy poses from Pinterest which feel unnatural and forced, it is way more meaningful and way less cringey to document you guys, just being you... chilling on the sofa, playing in the garden, it doesn't have to be crazy

photo of girl blowing a dandelion

5. Breathe


This is so simple, but sometimes just a big old deep breath can make us physically relax

outdoor maternity photoshoot warwickshire

6. Choose a photographer you think you will get along with


Everyone clicks with different kinds of people. Do you get a good feeling about the photographer? Have a scope of their website and Instagram to get a sense of their personality and approach

If you get along and can happily chat to your photographer, this is going to make the experience really enjoyable, which will be reflected in your final images

documentary newborn photoshoot at home

7. You don't even have to look at the camera


The most intimidating part of being photographed is when you have to look into that big old lens and..... do what?!

You forget where you usually put your hands, you don't know what to do with your face and you pretty much just doubt your whole existence, ahhhh

So focus on your family, interact with each other and don't worry about whether you should be looking at the camera or not, just do what feels right in that moment

and your photographer will be there to guide you and make sure you are feeling comfortable and relaxed

unposed photography of family in their home

8. Activities are your friend


Most of the time I will document families cuddling up on the sofa, on a woodland walk, or I'll be in the background, capturing your kids just being kids

But it's a really great idea to have a couple of activities in mind that you love to do together... this will give you something to focus on, and you wont even be thinking about the camera

Just awesome memories to be documented without any dodgy poses. Yes please!

Faye Green Photo Family Photographer

And they are my super simple top tips for getting really natural and beautiful photos whilst having a fun, relaxed and enjoyable photography experience

I really hope this has helped you feel a little more confident about having some documentary family photography

and I promise if you keep these things in mind, you will have a really memorable and happy photoshoot with loads of awesome images that feel like you!

So best of luck, be in the moment, embrace the awkward and make beautiful memories with your favourite people!

Thanks so much for reading,

Chat soon, Faye xx

Looking forward to getting some awesome pics of your little family unit?

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PS. 99% of people I photograph say they don't like having their photo taken, and I'm 99% certain they all have a really lovely time and actually enjoy the experience! Woohoooooo

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