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Relaxed Family Photoshoot At Home

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

lifestyle photoshoot at home

These guys are just too bloody gorgeous!

I love doing lifestyle shoots at your homes people, and Emma and her tribe have got a wonderful family home in Northamptonshire. They have family photos on their walls, really cool prints around the house and a beautiful minimalistic colour palette throughout, so needless to say it was a dream photographing them, it also helped that their two girls are totally adorable!

The girls were a little shy to start with, but they soon came out of their shell. We headed up to see the girls bedrooms where I was shown some very impressive ballet and Beau's cheeky side. There was such a wonderful bond between the girls and they really made each other chuckle.

Check out Effie's beautiful handmade bed frame made by the very talented Matt at Curl of the Burl I love the minimalistic design and the girls absolutely loved hanging out in there, infact Beau didn't want to leave.

I love these chilled out sessions where you guys can just be yourselves and get some natural photos that really feel like you, and show off your little ones fabulous personalities...

Such little characters! We had a really chilled photoshoot at the house for about an hour before we got ourselves ready for some outdoor activities...

We decided to do half the photoshoot as a relaxed at home session, and the second half we headed over to Evenley Wood Garden to have a little adventure, which worked perfectly.

Faye is a Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

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