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Woodland Bump Photoshoot / Warwickshire Maternity Photographer

pregnant couple laying in long grass

I met Morgane & Emeric at Crackley Woods, Warwickshire for their outdoor maternity photoshoot. We met around 7.30pm as it was summer and we wanted to get some beautiful dusk light. I love everything about photographing bumps, it's such a magical time, the excitement and the nerves. It was super chilled as we walked through the woodland as well as some near by fields

Morgane and Emeric told me how much they loved natural and documentary photography, mentioning they loved that my photography didn't feel posed and perfect, more rough around the edges, which is what I love to create. I didn't want them to feel awkward and have to hold poses, so I just directed them towards the pretty light and made small directions on how to stand or where to walk towards

Morgane looked like an actual goddess in her floor length red dress and Emeric complimented her beautifully as he softly held her hand and wrapped his arms around her

I love these photographs and how their personality really shines through

Definitely a moment in time to remember and treasure

close up of couple holding hands

bump shoot walking in field in Warwickshire

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black and white photo of couple walking in field

documentary maternity photography

close up photo of couples hands on bump

outdoor maternity photography warwickshire

pregnant photoshoot in red dress in field

beautiful maternity photoshoot in a forest

documentary maternity photography warwickshire

pregnant women in red dress in woodland

black and white photo of pregnant women in woodland

bump photoshoot in woodland

couple walking hand in hand in forest

natural photo of couple twirling in woodland

wide shot of pregnant couple in warwickshire forest

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pregnant couple kissing and ferns

outdoor photoshoot of couple and bump in field

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black and white photo of pregnant women in woods

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close up of bump in red dress with daisies

full length photo of pregnant women in red dress

beautiful bump pregnant women warwickshire

black and white photo of couple laying in long grass

close up of bump outdoor photoshoot

beautiful full length photo of pregnant women

close up black and white photo of couple in field

Faye is a family and lifestyle photographer based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

As well as weddings and families, Faye is passionate about photographing maternity and newborns in a beautifully simple and honest way

Email to find out more : )


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