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Sunset Couple Photography / Warwickshire Wedding Photographer / Leamington Spa

documentary wedding photographer rooftop couple

Turns out, pretty light, a roof top car park and these two lovely people make awesome photographs! We didn't have a plan, or poses in mind, we just went foe a stroll to see what we came across... and sometimes that is the best thing you can do. When the light started to go down was timed perfectly as we reached the empty roof top car park. Little directions and making my subjects relax and feel comfortable being themselves is way more important to me than over posing and positioning. I loved this photoshoot, and as with pretty much all of the couples I photograph, they started off a little nervous, but by they end they were super relaxed and just enjoying hanging out together. This is the best way to get these really chilled, natural and beautiful photographs that feel like them, and feel like that moment in time. Jepson Gardens, Victoria Park and a Leamington car park were the backdrop...

couple sat on step jephson gardens leamington

close up of couples hands photography

candid photo of sitting couple

black and white photo close up of couple

natural photo of couple near cabin

warwickshire wedding photography couple

silhouette of couple in tunnel

couple photography in front of brick wall

cropped photo of couple hands and legs

black and white photograph close up of couple

couple kiss photoshoot leamington

couple kiss in lift

sunset couple photography on rooftop

chilled out couple on rooftop

black and white photograph of couple sitting

couple photograph golden hour kissing

natural photography of couple hugging

documentary photo of couple at golden hour

boy kisses girl on forehead photography

Faye is a Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer based in Warwickshire

Photographing weddings in the UK and Europe for crazy in love couples

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