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How To Get Beautiful And Natural Photos Of Your Bump / Natural Maternity Photography Warwickshire

Updated: May 12, 2022

Natural Maternity Photography Warwickshire

However long you have waited, and by whatever means it has taken to get here... CONGRATULATIONS!!

The months leading up to the birth of your baby have got to be one of those moments in life that you should have (at least) a handful of photographs you LOVE!

You should be able to look back and remember this time and everything your body went through. It is mental! So celebrate it in whatever way you can, you are a god damn miracle maker and you deserve some beautiful photos that document your pregnancy : )

So here's

8 tips on getting maternity photos you will love

1. What to Wear For Your Maternity Photos

The best items show off your beautiful bump. This could be a bralette paired with anything from pants to jeans to a floaty skirt. You can also style this with a cardi, wrap or top that you can take on and off to get a variety of looks. I love photographing bumps as naturally as possible, so if you are comfortable showing some skin this can look really beautiful

Another option is a fitted dress or top, which will accentuate the shape of your bump, I suggest avoiding crazy patterns or dark colours for this option

Thirdly, something quite floaty can work well, a light material, which will drape over your bump, which can be held beneath your bump to show the shape

2. How Many Weeks Pregnant Is Best For Bump Photos

It's great to have photos throughout your pregnancy to document the change and growth. But if you are booking a maternity photographer, you want to choose the best time before your baby is due.

Although you can have a bump photoshoot at anytime once you have a visible bump, the best time is usually between 30 and 36 weeks

As soon as your bump is lovely and round, but before you start to feel too uncomfortable, this is the perfect time to book in your photo session. This can vary from person to person, so chat to your photographer about potential dates to book yours in : )

3. Maternity Photos With Your Partner

Perhaps you have a partner who you are having your baby with. They can also be involved in a photoshoot. This is a great opportunity to enjoy some time together before the little one arrives, you'll be surprised how nice it will be just taking some time out and focusing on each other. These will be such precious memories to look back on, and show your little one when they are old enough

4. What Time Of Day Should You Have Maternity Photos?

My absolute favourite time to photograph Mum's to be is just as the sun is going down

It is so dreamy and the soft light adds to the beauty of the scene. If there are no clouds, there is a chance for a gorgeous golden hour shoot, if not, dusk can be just as beautiful, soft hues and calm tones compliment pregnancy so perfectly

If you are a proper early bird, there is also the option to have your photos taken at sunrise. Anytime the sun is low in the sky is going to be ideal. So speak to your photographer about what time this will be as of course this changes throughout the year

5. Consider the Details

We are not just talking about selfies, or holding your phone whilst you take a photo in the mirror... these are photos that are going to be timeless and beautiful.

They might be photos you have in a beautiful album, or print for your wall or your baby's nursery. It will be a collection of photos that tell a story... close ups of hands and your bump will make really unique photos.

So, if getting your nails done isn't your thing, that's cool, just be sure to remove any chipped nail varnish, so these detail shots can be a part of your story : )

6. Where's The Best Place to Have Maternity Photos?

If there is the option to go to an outdoor location, this would be my go to. I love the variety that comes with being in an outdoor location for a photoshoot. Not just that, there will be different options for backdrops during your shoot, but I love that everyone I photograph will have their own unique set of photos. Even if we I photograph a family or a couple in the same general location, the direction, the time of day, the time of year, the lens I use, everything makes each photoshoot original. Which is awesome, because you are original!!

Outdoor locations can be anything from a park, a woodland, a meadow, a back garden, a walk through a village, a beach, a mountain, a pretty lane, a field or anywhere that has some nature is a great option for dreamy and relaxed maternity photos

There is always the option to do the shoot at your home, natural light is key here, so turn off your artificial lights and get yourself near a window for some beautiful natural light pictures

If you are taking the pictures yourself, just take into consideration your background, take anything distracting out of the shot. Simplicity and beautiful light is what to look for when you are having your photos at home

7. Including Your Other Children In Your Maternity Photos

If you already have children, I am sure you would love to get them involved in some photos with you and your bump

I love documenting families during this time, it's such an exciting moment for your family. During a family photoshoot I will spend a lot of the time photographing real moments, rather than making everyone sit still and do fake smiles. I want to document how your children interact naturally and capture their personalities. Let them be themselves and we will find the beauty in these moments.

7. Feeling Beautiful

Having your photo taken might feel like the last thing you fancy doing when you are lugging round a baby or two in your womb, but it is something you will never regret doing.

I speak to many Mum's who wish they would have carved out the time to get some maternity photos taken. I really don't think there is anything quite as beautiful to photograph, apart from maybe when that teeny newbie arrives!

So whether you feel happiest in a t-shirt and a scrunchie, or you would feel awesome with full hair and make up, do whatever you feel, if you are happy and comfortable, this will shine through in your photos and you will love them even more : ) : )

I hope this has helped in your quest to get some really beautiful photography of your growing bump : )

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to drop me an email at or check out 'Dreamy Maternity Photography' on my website


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