Outdoor Adventure Family Photoshoot /Evenley Wood

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

This Woodland adventure with the gorgeous Fox Draper family was so much fun, Effie and Beau are super cute together and this secret gardens in Northamptonshire was the perfect place to get some lovely natural shots of these guys just hanging out together. There were loads of places to explore and lots of beautiful scenery, but it was the wonderful connection between the 4 of them that was the most inspiring. It was a crazy hot day, so we managed to find some shade here and there beneath the trees

I have a bit of an obsession with these tall fir trees, so when we spotted the gorgeous light just peeking over the top, these guys strolled over while I got these shots of them playing together

We found a spot of shade and chilled out here for a little rest after all the running and jumping around, it was so pretty with the little stream, and across the bridge we spotted some bluebells, so went to investigate

So much love to go around on this little adventure. These girls cracked me up constantly, so cheeky!

When we came across this pink blossom tree, it felt like we had strolled into a Japanese movie, it was super pretty with the bright sunlight and pastel colours, and these shoulder rides went down a treat as the girls could be right amongst the petals

After all this adventuring, Effie was feeling it and what better way to make your way back to the car than a shoulder ride from your favourite guy, I love moments like this so much

Thank you guys for being a dream to work with and keeping me on my toes. Loved our crazy adventure xx

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