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Backing Up Your Photos

Your digital download contains high resolution, un-watermarked digital files of all your images. These are ready for you to print, as many times as you like, at whatever size you like


Please make sure you take time to carefully read through this document to ensure that you protect your images and get the best results from printing them



Please ensure that you back up these images immediately

No electronic storage media lasts forever so it’s essential that you back up these files to multiple places. I archive all images myself for one year but cannot guarantee to do so beyond this timeframe, so it’s vital that you make your own backup arrangements to safeguard the long-term security of your images

You need to create three copies of your imagesyou could use home desktop computers, laptops, tablets, hard drives, USBs, cloud storage, Dropbox, Google Photos etc. At least one of these must be off-site and/or in cloud storage (to guard against theft, fire, flood etc in your home, which could potentially destroy any copies home copies)

Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Open every file within this download to make sure that they are all present and correct

  2. Copy the contents of this download onto your own computer’s hard drive or external hard drive

  3. Copy all files from your computer to at least one other computer / USB / storage device and keep this/these somewhere off-site (such as your office and/or a trusted, reliable friend or family member’s house). Or, even better, if you have cloud storage / Dropbox, Google Photos or similar, this is ideal as you can copy all your images to the cloud to be stored in the internet ‘ether’ – if you can, please use it!

  4. Put a reminder in your diary to create new backups every year so that your images are always stored on up-to-date storage media and are therefore less likely to corrupt or fail

Now you have at least three copies – with at least one off-site or in the cloud, so your images are fully protected against a full range of potential threats. Use the copies on your own computer for easy and convenient printing, sharing etc. The offsite/cloud copies are there for peace of mind in the event that your home is compromised

Of course, the best way to guard against digital equipment failure is to have your photos printed!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to do this, for so many reasons, not just as a precaution against data loss – your images look so much more beautiful printed, it’s where photos are supposed to be, printing them turns them from files into heirlooms, and future generations of your family can fully enjoy them, pass them round and eventually pass them on again (no-one’s going to be gathering round a dusty old laptop that doesn’t work any more!) Which brings me on to.....



All images are completely print-ready, including having been colour-corrected on a calibrated monitor, sharpened for print and sometimes tinted for artistic effect. Therefore, please do not allow any print supplier, laboratory or individual to alter, colour-correct or sharpen any images – they must be printed exactly as they are

Please be aware that unless you have calibrated your computer monitor, the colours in the printed image may appear slightly different to how you see them on your monitor, as uncalibrated monitors almost always have a slight colour tint. If this is the case, the printed copy will contain the correct colours (while the image on your monitor may have a slight tint) so you do not need to take any action as your prints will be correct

It’s essential to use a high quality printer to ensure that your images look their best – cheap laboratories (such as some supermarkets, chemists and high street stores) will not do your images justice and the prints will deteriorate over time

Remember to take into consideration the size you are printing your photographs, most of your images will be at a 3:2 ratio. So make sure you check the crop when you are ordering your prints as well as your frame size : ) 

Thank you SO much for having me to take your photos and I hope you enjoy your images for many years to come!

Faye xx

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