Alternative, Relaxed and Documentary Wedding and Lifestyle Photography for Awesome Couples and Families

Based in Warwickshire

Travelling Near and Far to Document Your Story


2019 by Faye Green

Leamington Spa  |   Warwickshire  |  Everywhere


F A Q ' S

How would you describe your photography?

honest, emotive, creative, relaxed

Will you make us pose?

won't make you do anything haha. But we will definitely avoid any super stiff, awkward and cringey posing. During your couple photos or lifestyle shoot I may give you helpful tips and directions to get the most out of the surroundings and the light. I want you guys to feel super relaxed and enjoy your day at every moment, so any tips or suggestions I give will be to enhance your experience and capture some beautiful natural images

How would you describe your approach?

For the majority of the time I am focusing on documenting your day as it happens, the most important thing is that you guys feel comfortable, relaxed and have THE most amazing day. I will be here, there and everywhere documenting little snippets of you, your guests and your wedding


How far will you travel?

No limits here. I love to see new places far and wide

Did you study photography at university?

No, I studied Fine Art. I am a self taught photographer, and believe that you can never stop learning which is why I attend awesome photography workshops, like Photography Farm whenever I can

What is your favourite thing about being a photographer?

Meeting new people. Capturing a part of somebody's life in pictures. I love being creative and this is a really fun and meaningful way of creating something special. There are no limits, there is always something new to learn, new places to visit and new people to connect with

Will you stay later at our wedding to capture the parrrrrtay?

I Love Love Love photographing you and all your guests rocking out on the dance floor. Why not add on extra hours to your package and get all that disco goodness on record?!

 If you leave me now

 you'll take away the biggest part of me

 ooooo   ooooooo no

 baby please don't go

 ooooooooooo oh

 i want you to stay....

 Get all that disco goodness on record

 ask me about adding on extra hours to your wedding day

 we like to party... we like we like to party

 (i am not a vengaboys fan and i will only judge you a little if you are)