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Your Family Photography Guide


Welcome to your Family Photography Guide

Here you will find my answers to some frequently asked questions regarding your lifestyle family photoshoot

If there is anything else you want to ask feel free to drop me an email anytime

What should we wear for our family photoshoot?


The most important thing is that you are comfortable. Wear something you love, that you feel good in and that you feel yourself in
Avoid big logos, or patterns that are too crazy or distracting
It's a good idea to lay everyones outfits out on the bed and make sure there is no obvious clashing

You can dress up as much as you want, or keep it super casual, it just depends on the vibe of photos you envisage. A little black is ok, but it absorbs the light so, don't go overboard with it

If the little ones want to get into fancy dress or dress themselves for some/ all of the shoot that can also be really fun. But of course this is your call : )

Which location should we use?


There are so many amazing options for outdoor locations​....

Nature reserves and country parks, woodlands, beaches, meadows, family garden, AONB, Hills, villages, towns

Some locations will of course work better than others depending on how old the children are, the time of day, whether its a week day or weekend as well as the time of year. I can suggest some great options, depending on where you guys are based but definitely let me know if there is somewhere that you have in mind, that may be special to you or somewhere that you love to go as a family : )

'At home' shoots are also a firm favourite, with the little ones in their own environment they feel really comfortable. I also love that your home is all part of the memory and a reflection if this time in their lives 

How long will the shoot last?

Your family shoot is 1 hour 30 minutes, although I would recommend scheduling in at least a 2 hour window just in case. That way we have a bit of leeway if anyone needs a little extra time to come around or for newborn shoots, time for feeding is often required 

Should we use any props or favourite items?


If you are having an 'At home' shoot, you will have everything at your fingertips already... but if there is something in particular you hope to include, just let me know on the day. This might be a favourite teddy, book or blanket, anything that is special to you or your little one(s) 

I don't bring any props to the shoot, as I believe in capturing your little peoples personalities and individual characteristics rather than adding in meaningless props and backgrounds

Do we have to tidy or decorate our house?


This is up to you and your preference, but my advise would be, tidy away anything that you don't particularly want in the photographs. The beauty of at home shoots is that, everybody's photographs will be different and unique, you don't have to have an Instagram perfect house to get beautiful emotion filled images. Some window light and real moments will win every time. We will make use of any rooms you are happy for us to use, from the lounge, to the kitchen, your bedroom, the children's rooms, the garden, the hallway... the possibilities are endless : )

What happens if there's bad weather on the day?


A little bit of light rain is not too much of a problem, and can actually be a lot of fun... but I'm sure you won't want to spend too long getting all soggy if you'd imagined spending your shoot outdoors

If you want to keep your booked slot even though it's raining  - we could just relocate the shoot to take place indoors, at your home or an alternative location that you might have access to 

The other option is to reschedule your shoot to another date : )

Will you take group photos of everyone together?


Yes. Even though we won't spend the whole time making you pose for staged photos, I think it's a great idea to get some shots with everyone in the frame, and at least attempt to get everyone looking at the camera

The majority of the shoot will be documentary, so you guys have a chance to just hang out together and relax, and I can capture the little in-between moments

What happens if the kids play up?


Children are pretty unpredictable, so they might not necessarily spend the whole shoot being little angels, they may be a little shy or throw a tantrum, it's ok, I'm used to working with loads of different characters and moods, and there really is no need to worry


Whatever happens, it usually won't last that long, they might just need a little space for a few minutes, they'll soon come round. Most little people are really curious about my camera, and by the end of the shoot we are always firm friends : )

What will we be doing during the shoot?


What do you love to do together?

From snuggling on the sofa to making cupcakes, below is a list of possible activities that work really well...

Rather than creating a list of posed shots, we will get much more natural and authentic photos if I am able to capture you guys hanging out together, doing things you love... it is also great to have an activity to focus on if you aren't super comfortable in front of the camera

Outdoors: Shoulder rides, A countryside walk, Picnics, Ball games, Flower picking, Bug hunts, Hide and Seek, Play park

At Home: Baking, Reading, Drawing, Bathtime, Breakfast, Fancy Dress, Playing with toys, Paddling pool, Sand pit

What will happen after the shoot?


Your edited images will be ready in 2 - 4 weeks depending on the time of year

If you need the images sooner for any reason, please let me know 

You will receive a link to an online gallery where you will be able to choose your images 

Any other tips? 


If your photoshoot is outdoors, there is no harm in bringing snacks and I have witnessed some very successful bribing techniques... ice cream is always a good one.

Don't feel like you guys have to look at the camera for the whole shoot, the best thing to do is to focus on each other : )

This time spent with your family will be a fun and memorable activity, so the best thing you can do is enjoy it. You may feel a little nervous, but after the first few photographs, you will really start to enjoy the experience, and this will shine through in your images : )

hope this little guide helped answer some of your questions

See you soon !  Love faye xx

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