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Modern & Honest Wedding Photography For Couples With Soul

Love Wildly

Your photographs should feel like you

I will document your wedding day as it unfolds, capturing those fleeting moments, that will fly by so quickly

I want you to have the most incredible, magical, joyous day filled with laughter, hugging, dancing and I want you to embrace and live every minute of it

Trust me, it goes by in a second, you are going to want your images to reflect you and your day, to bring it all back to life, to show the next generation what an epic time you had

If you have a taste for adventure and love living in the moment, we are going to make something really beautiful

You Can Go Your Own Way. Go Your own Wa ay ay

Oh yes I feel ya... so you want your wedding to be a reflection of you, not a checklist of boring wedding clichés, am I right? and you are probably most excited about having the best day ever with your favourite person by your side. Your wedding can be literally whatever you bloody well like (legalities aside) You know those 'rules' and traditions that crop up at so many weddings? why not choose the traditions that really mean something to you, you don't have to do a single one if it's not your vibe

You're So Chill

I'm going to take a wild guess and say, you aren't terribly comfortable with having your photograph taken? I get that. I promise you, this is one thing I have heard so many times... which is why I am so humbled when my couples tell me how relaxed I made them feel during the day and when they were in front of the camera. I'm pretty good at reading people which comes in handy when you're a wedding photographer, so I try and avoid any awkward posing, I want you to feel relaxed and have fun and just feel comfortable just being yourselves, this will make for images that you really recognise yourself in and that's so important

I LOVE photographing people, capturing personalities in images and documenting weddings far and wide

Every wedding is unique, because you are unique, your connection and the way you hold each other, the smallest things, the atmosphere, the emotions, these are all the  magic ingredients that will  make your wedding photos so wonderful

I studied Art and I love film and travel, which all play a huge part in the way I see the world and how I will document your wedding, I am always inspired by the people I am photographing and will always be on the look out for that beautiful light

I'm always up for an adventure, being outdoors makes my heart beat a little faster. If you want the fairytale princess wedding, we may not be the best fit

Favourites : swimming in the sea           yoga

                     coconut anything                movie night

                     road trips                             bbqs

                     travel                                    trivial pursuit

                     american diners                  breton tops

                     live music                             dancing


Films I Can Always Watch: Con Air, The Big Lebowski, Thelma & Louise, Little Miss Sunshine,Tree of Life, Knocked Up, Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless Mind, Lost In Translation, Crazy Stupid Love, Burn After Reading, Pulp Fiction

I am also passionate about  photographing honest,

non cringey and imperfect family life

relaxed family photography

 Documentary Family Photography 

Chilled out Lifestyle photography for you and your family

From bumps to newbies to the whole freakin family 

With a focus on human connection. In your home or on location. 

endeavour to capture the unique and wonderful personalities of your little dudes

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