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2020 by Faye Green

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Movies I love

Eternal Sunshine

Lost In Translation

Con Air

Knocked Up

The Tree of Life

Thelma & Louise

Things that make my heart beat faster

swimming in the sea

dancing to soul music
the sun on my face


listening to piano music

A few of the places I adore

New York


Viet Nam




what to expect on a wedding day



put on some tunes and enjoy this time

I will spend this time documenting whatever is happening, getting to know the bridesmaids, groomsmen or whoever's around

super chilled



lots more lovely natural shots, capturing the day as it unfolds



this is the best time to do any family photos you may want

once we have done your group pics and you have mingled, hugged, chatted and got a couple of beers down you - this is a great time to do some couple shots too, you guys get to hang out with each other away from all your lovely guests and we can get some awesome photos of you guys together, don't worry- no cringe!

dinner & speeches


ninja is my middle name

you probably won't even notice me during speeches, I will be super discreet whilst I collect lots of wonderful memories for you

whilst you guys chow down, I will take a break and get some food down me ready for partytime!



if we are lucky enough to get some pretty light during the afternoon or evening

it can be an awesome time to grab a few more shots of you guys together


after your first dance, I will jump on the dance floor with everyone and get right in the mix

this is where the magic happens

it's a good idea to make sure you have lined up a couple of floor fillers straight after first dance


 This is your day, so however you see it unfolding that's totally cool! 


 this is just an indication of how I roll on a wedding day 

 the absolute key is, that you guys have THE BEST DAMN TIME and this will  shine through in your photographs